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BoxGiver is a marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, or give away their moving boxes and packing supplies.

How it works

Whether you're looking to borrow, lead, buy or sell, we offer you simple directions. just let us know what you want to do.


List your item and add attractive photos/video together with a de-tailed description.


Choose whether you want to sell your times instantly or approve requests from potential Buyers.


Once someone books your item for purchase, quickly arrange pick up or delivery of your item within 7 days.


Receive your payment once the Buyer confirm that they have received the item. Don't forget to leave feedback for the Buyer!

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Take action against packaging waste!


A lot of people use cardboard boxes and other packaging supplies for shipping, moving, storing, gardening, composting, and more. Sometimes these boxes pile up and you have no idea how to get rid of them. Rather than being part of the ‘throw away’ culture, you can donate your packaging supplies to those in need. BoxGiver allows you to connect and collaborate with your neighbors, so you can maximize the life of these products, reduce your environmental impact, and become a proud “BoxGiver”!


Most retail stores, small businesses, warehouses, factories, hotels, restaurants, sport facilities, and hospitals throw their packaging supplies in the trash. This includes corrugated boxes, liquor boxes, wine boxes, banana boxes, tv boxes, wardrobe boxes, file storage boxes, bubble mailers, bubble wrap, packing paper, and more. By giving away your packaging supplies you can help reduce the waste that ends up in our landfills and seas. Set yourself apart from other organizations! An organization is only as strong as the leaders who drive it.

Local environmental stewardship

Our mission is to inspire the public to reduce packaging waste by repurposing their cardboard and other materials. If you come across any packaging supplies around your neighborhood that you think can be reused, feel free to take a photo and post it on our marketplace. By taking action you can inspire and raise a new generation of eco-conscious consumers. BoxGiver allows us all to take action in a sensible and simple way!